Recommended Cymbalta Dosage

Understanding the Recommended Cymbalta Dosage

When it comes to dosage, Cymbalta is no different from any other prescription medication in that the appropriate level will depend on the individual, the condition, and other factors such as past and current health, alcohol, illicit drug, and even other prescription medication usage, and more. However, with the information provided, it will be easier to understand the typical recommended Cymbalta dosage for both pain and depression.

Proper Administration

Not only is it important to know the recommended Cymbalta dosage, an individual needs to be made aware of the correct method of administration. For example, this particular drug is to be taken just once a day, with or without food. In addition, Cymbalta is to be swallowed whole. At no time should a person crush, chop, or chew pills or sprinkle the contents of capsules on food or in beverages. For full effectiveness but also to reduce potential risks, Cymbalta needs to be taken correctly.

Dosage for Treating Pain

Cymbalta has become a popular choice by doctors in treating patients with pain associated with Fibromyalgia, Diabetic Neuropathy, and lower back. As stated, the exact dose will be on a patient-by-patient basis but below is the standard recommendation. Keep in mind that most doctors will start a person on the lowest dose possible with anticipation of that individual getting significant relief. However, the dose for pain can be increased until the desired effect is achieved.

Dosage for Treating Depression

As with pain, doctors will begin with the lowest dose possible, increasing slowly if needed. The two primary forms of depression for which the recommended Cymbalta dosage is prescribed includes Major Depression Disorder or MDD and General Anxiety Disorder or GAD.

Because every patient is unique, the recommended Cymbalta dosage may be modified but usually to a very small degree. Using General Anxiety Disorder as an example, rather than a starting dose of 60 milligrams per day, a doctor may suggest a person take 30 milligrams twice a day. In this case, introduction of a lower dose over a longer period might eliminate gastrointestinal discomfort in someone with a sensitive stomach.

Medication Weaning

Along with learning about the recommended Cymbalta dose according to purpose, an individual needs to also understand the importance of weaning off the drug. A common mistake that many people make is they stop taking medication all at once when side effects are experienced.

While there are times when a doctor will take someone off Cymbalta immediately, this can be very dangerous. For that reason, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures this medication, as well as leading medical professionals strongly suggests reducing dose gradually.

Possible Risks

One final topic we wanted to touch on when discussing the recommended Cymbalta dosage is possible risks. Now, when a person is first prescribed this medication, the doctor will discuss in great length the various side effects, interactions, and risks. However, because of the mechanical structure of the drug and the purposes for which it is prescribed, we always urge people to take time to learn about the pros and cons.

For instance, someone taking Cymbalta should never take any type of MAOI formulated for treating psychiatric disorders. If a doctor feels an MAOI is needed, the individual needs to be completely weaned off Cymbalta for a minimum of five days. In comparison, someone who has been taking an MAOI needs to be fully weaned from that medication for at least 14 days prior to taking Cymbalta.

The bottom line, when a person is educated and follows the recommended Cymbalta dosage as prescribed by the doctor, this medication is beneficial for treating both pain and depression. On the other hand, there is increased risk if the recommended dose but also administration is not followed as instructed.

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