Known Drug Interactions with Cymbalta

Cymbalta and Known Drug Interactions

When it comes to Cymbalta and known drug interactions, the list is quite extensive. In fact, more than 1,000 specific medications with potential interactive risk have been identified specific to this drug. Most people do not realize that it is common for most prescription medications on the market to have literally hundreds and hundreds of possible drug interactions. Rather than fear possible risks, we encourage people to become educated about both pros and cons of Cymbalta.

Obviously, it is virtually impossible for the average person to stay on top of Cymbalta and known drug interactions, which is why it is so imperative to work with a reputable doctor. Now, risk is not always severe but because there is potential for a bad interaction, a doctor must be made aware of a person's past and present use of not just other prescription medications but also supplements and illicit drugs.

One of the challenges when it comes to Cymbalta and known drug interactions is that the list is comprised of both generic and brand names. As a result, the actual number of prescriptions that pose some degree of risk increases to over 6,000. Again, the doctor will possess knowledge about the different medications and associated risks but as stated, it is always to a person's advantage to conduct research as a means of becoming educated about this medication.

Primary Drug Concerns

Cymbalta and known drug interactions is actually broken down into three risk categories to include "major", "moderate", and "minor". Within each of these is the number of known interactions but also the number of generic and brand names, as outlined below:

When a person visits a doctor for depression, pain, and General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), the three primary reasons Cymbalta is prescribed, a number of things will take place. First, the doctor will discuss family and personal medical history. As part of this, the doctor will need to uncover the use of the illicit drugs, prescription medications, and supplements the person is currently taking or has taken in the past.

Second, various tests and other clinical procedures are used to make a firm diagnosis. With that done, a determination can be made regarding the use of Cymbalta as a viable treatment option and the appropriate dose. Prior to this medication actually being prescribed, the doctor will cross check to make sure Cymbalta and know drug interactions are identified. If necessary, a different medication can be selected or even a less potent dose of Cymbalta chosen.

Again, the full list of drug interactions will be reviewed before Cymbalta is prescribed but those deemed to be of greatest concern include the following:

Common Adverse Reactions

Remember, when it comes to Cymbalta and known drug interactions, everyone has a unique experience. For instance, one individual may develop just one symptoms while someone else develops several or a person may have only slight symptoms whereas for another individual symptoms are quite intense.

Below are the most common adverse reactions specific to drug interactions with this medication based on specific illness for which Cymbalta is prescribed.


As mentioned, some of the known Cymbalta drug interactions are minor while others are serious, perhaps even life-threatening. Setting the groundwork by being completely open with the doctor about illicit, prescription medication, and supplement use is critical. Of course, if an individual were to notice anything unusual or concerning, the doctor needs to be notified immediately. Sometimes, a simple dosage change helps but in other cases, the person needs to be switched to a different medication.

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