Availability of Cymbalta and Generic Cymbalta

Availability of Cymbalta and Generic Cymbalta

Today, most prescription medications are available in brand and generic name form. Typically, a different pharmaceutical manufacturing company is responsible for one or the other although there are some that produce both brand and generic drugs. Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions between the two. In this article, we want to provide a brief overview of what those misconceptions are but also discuss the availability of Cymbalta and generic Cymbalta, a medication used primary to treat depression, pain, and General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Generic Medications

Cymbalta in generic form is known as Duloxetine. This drug has the same chemically equivalency or the actual brand of Cymbalta but at a price reduction anywhere from 30% to 70% less. Because both Cymbalta and generic Cymbalta are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they must be identical in active ingredient, quality, performance, intended use, dosage, strength, safety, and administering directions.

In other words, both Cymbalta and generic Cymbalta (Duloxetine) are mandated to maintain the same standards for quality, effectiveness, and safety. Just as the Cymbalta brand, Duloxetine undergoes extensive testing to ensure all ingredients but also performance meets standards established by the FDA.

It is also important to understand that there is no difference in the way Cymbalta and generic Cymbalta work within the body. Simply put, it takes the same amount of time for this medication to be effective, regardless of the reason it was prescribed. Then as mentioned, brand and generic drugs are often manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies or perhaps in different facilities. Regardless, these facilities are also regulated by the FDA, meaning that development, processing, packaging standards are extremely high.

Many people want to know why the generic form of Cymbalta is so much cheaper to buy than the actual brand. What happens is after a new medication has been developed, it must be submitted to the FDA for approval. If it meets the current standards, the company is provided a 20-year patent, during which time no other company is allowed to sell the drug. However, as the end of the 20-year period approaches, other pharmaceutical manufacturing companies can submit an application to the FDA to sell a generic version of the drug.

The initial manufacturing company paid costs for developing the brand name medication. As a result, the financial investment for producing a generic form of the drug is dramatically less. That savings is then passed down to consumers in the way of a less expensive price.

Medication Availability

We now want to focus on availability of Cymbalta and generic Cymbalta. Although finding brand and generic drugs is becoming easier and easier, there are times when a specific medication is somewhat challenging. Thankfully, Cymbalta, as well as Duloxetine are popular medications and therefore, not too difficult to locate.

Keep in mind that if a particular pharmacy does not carry the generic form of this drug, an individual can make a request for it to be added. Now, some smaller and even privately owned pharmacies may not stock generic medication as much as larger corporate pharmacies do but it is certainly worth asking. While most people have a favorite pharmacy or perhaps are limited to options, considering the tremendous savings it might worth making a switch.

If wanted, the availability of Cymbalta and generic Cymbalta can be checked simply by making phone calls or even conducting searches online for different pharmacies. As mentioned, this particular medication has become quite popular for treating depression, pain, and General Anxiety Disorder because it works. Because of this, finding the drug in both brand and generic form is usually easy.

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