Cymbalta for Depression

Benefits of Cymbalta for Depression

Thanks to many years of research, medical experts have discovered that Cymbalta is an effective treatment for people living with certain types of pain. This includes pain associated with Diabetic Neuropathy (nerve pain), chronic low back pain, and Fibromyalgia. However, the initial and primary use of this particular drug is for treating depression. In this article, we want to address the benefits of Cymbalta for depression, specific to the different types.

Depression Types

There are two key types of depression for which this medication is prescribed but keep in mind there are indications from ongoing studies and clinical trials that Cymbalta for depression of other forms is an option in certain cases.

Now, there are some risk factors even for someone with MDD or GAD. As an example, Cymbalta should never be prescribed for a person who has recently taken a monoamine oxidase inhibitor or MAOI, has current or a history of high blood pressure, a heart condition, and a liver disorder, has seizures, bipolar disorder, mania, and glaucoma, among other things. However, by working closely with a reputable doctor, the benefits of Cymbalta for depression can be realized.

Enjoying Benefits

The list of benefits connected with taking Cymbalta for depression is going to be somewhat unique based on the individual and the reason it is prescribed but below we listed some of the positive aspects of this drug that the majority of patients enjoy.


Although people do achieve pain relief with this medication, the primary benefits associated with Cymbalta are for the two types of depression mentioned. Even though it is possible to get MDD and GAD under control, this drug is not a cure. It is also important to remember that along with the positive aspects of this medication, there are numerous side effects, potential drug, food, and alcohol interactions, and risks in connection with certain health conditions. Because of this, careful consideration is always given by doctors who prescribe this drug.

One final note - anyone being treated for a major depressive disorder should have one doctor prescribe all medication and prescriptions should always be filled at the same pharmacy. This in itself reduces potential risks that could lead to serious problems. In addition, if someone were to take too many drugs with SSRI classification, serotonin levels within the brain can build to an extremely high level at which time detached euphoria followed by mania can occur. While there are precautions, if heeded benefits of Cymbalta for depression can be achieved.

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